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Explore my approach, methodology, offered services, and work style. You can also witness some of my impressive skateboard tricks as you delve deeper into my profile.

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Optimal outcomes are achieved through websites that prioritize user-friendliness, showcase relevant content, and captivate the audience.


Establishing the business objectives and strategic orientation.


It all begins with gaining a clear understanding of our objectives. What should be the primary aim of the website? What does project success entail for your company? Where do you envision your business in three years? These are just a few inquiries we'll collaboratively address to chart the most effective course for your digital requirements.


Strategic visual planning and artistic guidance.


The visual language of the website will define how the visitor connects with the product or service. Knowing who the target audience is and what everybody else is doing in the field is crucial to get the best result from the website we’ll create together.



With a proven history of crafting websites and apps, I bring forth robust and user-centric digital designs. The cornerstone of any successful website lies in a firm corporate branding.



I construct scalable websites from the ground up, seamlessly aligning them with the design. My primary emphasis lies in micro animations, transitions, and interactivity.


Full package

From idea to execution, I specialize in delivering full-fledged websites. What sets me apart is my keen design sensibility and development expertise, allowing me to craft stuning projects.


When I'm away from the computer, you'll often find me hit the gym, drink coffee in local coffee shop, or taking leisurely walks with our dogs.

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A limited showcase of my projects

Implemented an end-to-end integrated process enforced by an easy-to-use mobile app, redefining how the ground operations team approached their work and service.

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A distance algorithm can match people with similar interests within a social group and context. Are you joining a new school? New club? Moving into a new neighbourhood? Use Sparks to meet people, professionally.

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A real-life practical example of constraint programming for an intermodal company with 100+ trucks. This non-linear program assigns drivers to equipment, and the combination to work orders.

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Dr. Pill is a conceptual app derived from rigorously following the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) lifecycle. This app is targeted towards elderly patients, caretakers, and medical professionals.

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