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Hi, I'm Devansh.

The AI revolution is here and the boundaries of this universe are changing as we know them. It's my dream and ambition to leverage this emerging reality in a way that's truly innovative.

A showcase of my projects

Terminal Gate Control App

Designed an integrated process enforced by an easy-to-use mobile app, redefining how the ground operations team approached their work and service.

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Sparks: Grow Your Network

A distance algorithm can match people with similar interests within a social group and context. Are you joining a new school? New club? Moving into a new neighbourhood? Use Sparks to grow your professional circle.

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Intermodal Dispatch Optimizer

A real-life practical example of constraint programming for an intermodal company with 100+ trucks. This non-linear optimization program assigns drivers to equipment, and the combination to work orders.

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Dr. Pill (Mobile Demo)

Dr. Pill is a conceptual app derived from rigorously following the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) lifecycle. This app is targeted towards elderly patients, caretakers, and medical professionals.

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Innovate, Strategize, Execute

At the core of every groundbreaking product and work lies a fusion of innovative design, strategic planning, and careful execution. With a passion for transforming abstract ideas into tangible solutions, I aspire to craft experiences that resonate with users, deliver with excellence, and drive beyond the current boundaries of what technology can achieve.  

I'm Devansh, an engineering student pursuing Management Engineering at the University of Waterloo. My academic journey is a blend of product management, software engineering, data analysis, and more, tailored to equip me with a holistic view of both the tech and business worlds.

Web & iOS Development Experience

7 Years

Internship Experience

2 Years

Undergrad Education

BASc. Engineering

Highlight of the year

Learning to Fly

Cessna 152 to obtain a Canadian Private Pilot's License



Design awards


Monthly visit on E-Commerce i designed


I can help you with

 I have 1.5 years of professional experience across Retail, FinTech, and AI industries, building software for millions of users. My ability to learn quickly, in parallel to my internships, has provided me with professional working experience in JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Java, Python, React, React Native, MySQL, NoSQL, and more.
I have worked with vector databases,
From idea to execution, I specialize in delivering full-fledged websites. What sets me apart is my keen design sensibility and development expertise, allowing me to craft stuning projects.

Areas of Interest & Focus

Software Development

Software development empowers us to bring our imagination to life . Each language learned, library used, and project developed contributes to our personal ever-growing toolbox.

Professional Working Experience: Swift (UI Kit, SwiftUI), TypeScript (React, React Native), and Python.
3 to 5+ Years of Side Projects: PHP, Java, DevOps, Linux and the above.
Technologies: MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and more! 

Constraint Programming (AI)

Constraint programming is a branch of AI which solves complex problems by finding the best possible solution under given constraints. This approach joins the precision of mathematical models with the practicality of real-world applications, allowing for the efficient allocation of resources, optimization of processes, and enhancement of decision-making strategies.

I learned how to research and solve complex linear and non-linear constraint problems through my MSCI 331 (level 1) and MSCI 332 (level 2) courses at the University of Waterloo

Machine Learning (AI)

My internships provided the opportunity to understand and implement AI use cases for enterprise customers and companies. I worked on NLP and LLM use cases, with vector databases, Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), and evaluation pipelines.

I've also learned the following concepts in MSCI 446, and implemented in real-world use cases through internships, coursework, and my own initiatives: supervised Learning, unsupervised learning, decision trees, neural networks, clustering, and more.

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Professional Experience

Internship: Replicant AI (ML, Integrations, Telephony)
Internship: Relay Financial (Mobile Development w/ React Native)
Internship: The Home Depot (Mobile Development w/ Swift)
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